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If you have been charged with a criminal or provincial offence then you are probably anxious to extricate yourself from the justice system. You may feel embarrassed, frustrated, and nervous and you probably want it all to end as soon as possible.

You may even be considering pleading guilty just to get everything over and done with. Before you decide anything you should seek the advice of a lawyer immediately. Do not plead guilty at the first opportunity.

When people think about the penalty for breaking the law the first thing that comes to mind is the prospect of going to jail or prison. Even if you are not facing a jail or prison sentence there are other dangers like the possibility of being deported. If you do not have your Canadian citizenship and you are convicted of even one indictable offence or two or more summary offences then you are at risk of being deported pursuant to provisions found in the Immigrant Refugee Protection Act.

A finding of guilt or a criminal conviction can have long-lasting consequences on your future employment prospects, your travel plans, security clearances, and educational opportunities. Admission into certain professions in fields such as the law, medicine, chartered accounting, child care, law enforcement, the military, emergency services etc. can be contingent on a criminal record check.

Despite not constituting a criminal record, certain convictions for provincial offences carry high fines, demerit points toward your driver’s license and can also trigger higher insurance premiums.

***Additionally, if you plead guilty you may incur civil liability as a consequence of the crimes you have pleaded to. The people who are the victims of your admitted crimes will be able to use your guilty plea as evidence against you if they choose to sue you in proceedings that are separate from your criminal matters.***

If you have been charged you have a lot to consider. You may want to negotiate the best plea bargain possible or you may want to go to trial; either way I can help. Call me at (613) 799-5816 immediately. I am an experienced criminal defence lawyer and I will explain your options in a professional and non-judgmental way. Anything discussed in during the solicitor-client relationship will be held in the strictest of confidence. Remember a criminal charge does not have to result in a conviction. Call now.

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I am familiar with the challenges facing marginalized people ensnared within the criminal justice system.

The content presented in this web-site is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice from a criminal lawyer in Ottawa. The law related to your specific criminal charges may be complex and dependent on the factual specifics of your case. For this reason, it is essentially important that you talk to an Ottawa criminal lawyer right away to discuss your case as soon as possible! If you or someone that you love has been arrested or charged with a crime then you will need legal assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer in Ottawa immediately to explain your options to you and provide you with the defence needed to achieve the best possible outcome. If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss your case with an experienced criminal lawyer then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to give me a call anytime at (613) 799-5816 to speak with me; I am here to help.

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